Plot Results

West-Con Reserch Plots are Located at
Holloway, Twin Brooks, Kensington & St. Leo

West-Con and Nutrien Field Trials
Corn Hybrid Trials
DeKalb, Croplan, NK, DynaGro, Mycogen, Competitors

Soybean Variety Trials
Asgrow, Croplan, KN, DynaGro, Mycogen, Compeitors
RR2, LL, Extend, Enlist, LLGT

Corn Nitorgen Trials
Various rates of 28% UAN and Urea Applications

Trials Include the Following Topics
Corn and Soybean Yield Trials
Response to Population Trials
Response to Nitrogen Trials
Micronutrient Trials
Plant Growth Regulator Trials
Various Fertility Trials
Seed Treatment Trials
Corn Starter & Foliar Trials
Soybean Starter & Foliar Trials 

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